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Thanks for your interest – the information on the form below will help us evaluate your project in the context of the marketing priorities of the university and our existing production schedules and obligations. It will help us determine how we can help you achieve your goals and whether or not a video is your best option.

Because the demand for video content is extremely high and our resources are limited, the Video Marketing team cannot guarantee that we will be able to take on your project and meet your deadline.

  • Do you want an event / seminar / guest speaker / lecture to be recorded on video? If so, the Office of Institutional Events handles these types of requests for a low hourly fee – email
  • For the Video Marketing team to shoot and edit a video, it typically takes two to eight weeks to concept and produce. If you are submitting this request at least three weeks before the video needs to be completed, please proceed with the form below.
  • If your deadline is in less than three weeks, we have a list of freelancers who may be able to assist you – email:

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