Webpage Best Practices

The following best practices should be considered when setting up Web pages:

  • Use lower case, alphanumeric characters and dashes in the folder and file names. Do not use underscores or spaces. File and folder names should have no more than 24 characters.
  • Do not cut and paste text from Word or other document editors.
  • Links should be created using text that makes sense when read out of context. For example, avoid “click here.”
  • For accessibility purposes, E-mail addresses should used in full format (e.g., marketing@cofc.edu) when used in a list format.
  • Hyperlinks contained within paragraphs should be written out and linked to the e-mail address or hyperlink (e.g., Office of University Marketing).
  • Avoid the use of tables for layout.
  • Divide your information into clearly defined sections.
  • Ensure that all images include an "ALT" tag and height and width information.
  • Follow the guidelines for capitalization, spelling and punctuation in the style guide in Chapter 8 of this brand manual.
  • Use full phone numbers (e.g. 843.953.5555), not extensions (e.g., 3-5555).
  • Do not underline text that is not a link to another Web page.