Required Page Elements

Following are the minimum required elements for each College of Charleston website. All official College of Charleston Web pages must include the following elements:

  • the College of Charleston wordmark and name
  • a link to the College homepage (
  • the standard menu and left-hand navigation system that is consistent throughout the site
  • the standard small header, footer, left-hand header bar, background image, breadcrumbs and Ask-the-Cougar element

Every College of Charleston Web page should contain useful information before being published and/or linked. Web pages should not include the following elements:

  • nonfunctioning links and links to pages that inform the visitor that “this area is not developed yet,” “coming soon” or “under construction”
  • distracting design elements, such as flashing GIFs, blinking text, over-saturated (very bright) colors, huge or tiny text sizes, looped sound files, etc.
  • excessively large graphics that can be compressed for faster display or better resolution
  • copyrighted material in any form unless permission from the original copyright owner is explicitly granted
  • material that might be reasonably considered abusive, profane, harassing, or sexually offensive
  • Web counters