Brand Story

The brand story presents the general framework for communicating the College of Charleston brand. We use the brand story as an internal reference, and as a tool for creating brand messages and promises for specific audiences.

In 1770, even before the nation was founded, the framework for a university was established in Charleston, South Carolina – a new institution, established in what is today one of the oldest and most historic cities on the North American continent.

Founders of the university included three future signers of the Declaration of Independence and three future signers of the Constitution of the United States.

From just a handful of students who excelled in the study of Greek and Latin languages and demonstrated extraordinary proficiency in the arts and sciences, today’s College of Charleston welcomes nearly 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students from South Carolina, all 50 states and more than 60 countries around the world.

These students discover a beautiful, historic campus that is an integral part of the life and culture of Charleston. They learn that the College of Charleston is intimately and inextricably connected – historically, socially, academically and economically – to the city of Charleston. The city becomes a cherished part of our students’ lives as a beautiful place to study and learn, and a place to become part of a community.

As they live and work in one of the greatest cities in the world, our students share the same hopes and dreams: They want to discover themselves, find out what they can achieve and create their own future. At the College of Charleston, they learn how to make that happen.

In the great liberal arts tradition, which focuses on discovery and personal growth as well as preparing for life, work and service in our society, students at the College of Charleston actually leave one life behind and enter another. In this new world, they learn about themselves, their lives and the lives of others. They learn how to shape their own future and prepare themselves for today’s world – a world in which they are informed, ready and equipped to create change and opportunity.

At the College of Charleston, students learn how to succeed and grow, both inside and outside the classroom. This comes from a rigorous exposure to the arts, sciences and humanities, and from dedication to achievement in education, business and other professional careers. It comes from exceptional opportunities to pursue knowledge and conduct research at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It comes from a vibrant and enriching campus life that provides meaningful opportunities to become engaged and involved, to make a difference and to become a leader.

At the College of Charleston, learning is an active, involving experience. Our faculty guide our students in their quest to develop new skills and talents, to master their selected disciplines and to learn how to apply their knowledge in the pursuit of their life goals.

As a College of Charleston student, you have extraordinary choices in what to study, what to learn and what to explore. You work with exceptional professors who love to teach, who are focused on student growth and who help you succeed. You work harder than you imagined, but you aren’t alone. Everyone is working with you.

At the College of Charleston, you stretch. You surprise yourself. You learn what matters.

Each student comes into the College of Charleston his or her own way. Each graduate leaves enriched, transformed and connected to the world. This is the legacy of learning at College of Charleston. You change. You grow. You learn how to build a life.

If you are curious about the world around you ... if you are a good thinker ... if you believe that college is an opportunity to learn about what really matters so you can build a life that is creative and fulfilling ... you should be looking at the College of Charleston.